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Refrigerator – Upstairs in Your Room

Refrigerator has been around in various incarnations since 1990. The band is fronted by brothers Allen and Dennis Cllaci, who have been playing together since they originally formed their mock-metal band the Bux in the mid-80’s. The foursome now includes Chris Jones(drums, piano, dobro) and Daniel Brodo(bass, backing vocals, recorder). Their latest release is titled Upstairs In Your Room, and has the same no frills sound as their earlier stuff. The CD book is done more like a magazine touting “Free CD Inside,” and is replete with fake articles.


I’m not certain what this album was recorded on, but it sounds like it was done in someone’s basement on an 8-track. I’m not saying this as a bad thing. It adds a richer texture to the music that you don’t get with most of today’s glossy digital recordings. The White Stripes like to record in a similar fashion. It lends itself well to the type of music that Refrigerator makes. They have the a similar Lo-Fi sound to Secret Stars and Dump.

Most of the songs on this album are short and simple, nothin’ too fancy. Allen sings, whilst Dennis plays a dirty guitar. Occasionally, the band will throw you a curve ball. The song “Radio Barstow” adds a recorder to the mix, which compliments the song nicely. Some of the songs, like “A Crown of Smoke,” have elements of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground.

This album is new in that it sounds so old. It could easily have come out of the 60’s, and you can almost hear the pops and scratches on the record. It is a solid effort for these fellows who have been practicing their craft for over 20 years.

Ian is co-partner of the fine Denver vintage clothing spot Rare Bird, which he runs with his brother Tristram. The two can be seen rummaging through thrift stores around and bellying up to the bar at Lipgloss.


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