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Quasimoto – The Further Adventures of Lord Quas

This next statement may be blasphemous; however, it is nevertheless true. Quasimoto’s Further Adventures Of Lord Quas sounds a lot like Slim Shady’s LP. More specifically, imagine Eminem rapping over the Beat Street soundtrack, all the while inhaling a helium-filled balloon, in the midst of a green-leaf-smoke-filled room. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about this record. Honestly. From there you can make your own decisions.


Okay, that’s not entirely true. The deal is, at some point—right around the time that Madvillain makes an appearance on the song “Closer—” Quas seems to channel the spirit of MF Doom for the next several records: strange allusions, newsreel samples and non-sequitor voice-overs, snippets and all.

This is one wacky cat. But it’s hard to find his voice amidst all the inspirational throwbacks to his apparent heroes. That is, until the 21st song! “Rappcats Pt. 3,” another in the ongoing series, has Qaus big-upping all the past and presents founders of this thing called Rap; from Howie Tee and Chubb Rock, to Milk, Giz and Lyte, to Biggie and Tupac. He even throws in a host of lesser known names that those virginal fans may not be aware of like Maestro Fresh Wes. Haven’t heard that name in some time!

Anyway, with the flow, drug-induced rhymes and clownish madness, it seems that this might have been the guy that Dre was looking for when he inadvertently met a young man named Eminem and subsequently made history.

That said, check the shit out for yourself, you might have a totally different view and come away thinking this is the best record since…well, since Mmmfood.


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