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Phat Kat – Carte Blanche

Okay, so his name is pretty lame. But don’t let that dissuade you from the package.

Ronnie Cash, known to the underground Detroit rap scene as Phat Kat, is delivering the real stuff for his sophomore album Carte Blanche. Though he represents the late and great J-Dilla—and has a few unreleased tracks with him, the tracks here are more lush and full as if the legendary Dr. Dre helped produce and mix it.

There is a point at which Kat has an intro that states it’s “so real, it’s shocking…so shocking, its unreal…” He could easily have been talking about this album. The song that follows that intro, “Cold Steel,” tears outta the speakers like a shotgun blast, busting into your eardrums like a load of buckshot. And that’s only the fourth song. This is one MC who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. He’s probably the hardest rapper to rep the Motor City since Royce Da 5’9”.

With beats that come at you relentless like Eminem rhymes and rhymes that continuously reach out to another level, full of metaphors, similes and sick punch lines; imagine if Proof had hooked up with Timbaland, or better yet, the closest thing to it would probably be when Xzibit first left his Likwid Crew homies behind to rhyme over Aftermath beats.

“Survival Kit” and “Nightmare” aren’t tunes for the squeamish, but they might be required listening for the aspiring emcee. Remember “industry rule #4080?” Well, it gets a little deeper.

If you’re tired of all that drunk in the club, booty music, and are looking for real beats and real rhymes, then this album is the one for you. Delivered Carte Blanche, for your listening pleasure.


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