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The Orangu-Tones – Pledge Kappa Epsilon Gamma

It’s 5:30am and I haven’t had my coffee yet. Typically this would be a bad time for me to form an opinion on anything, but these guys have me doing the monkey and ready for a Pina Colada (we still need a Tiki bar in this friggin’ town). We’re talking about the new release by Denver’s resident hipsters circa 1962.

Kowabunga this is fun! Gidget is surfing safari, without the fake, studio waves. So chicks and dudes, it’s time to slick back the hair, pop in “American Graffiti” as a warm up, and get ready to twist and shout.


Honestly, I really didn’t know what to expect from a band called the Orangu-tones. The music business these days has every type of sub-genre, punk meets polka kind of mish mash coming out. Thankfully, this takes a classic time when music was free and easy, and made up by innocent fun (at least what we saw when Ann Margaret or Elvis hit the floor). All the elements are here: the swingin’ horn section, the decadence of “Animal House,” the saunter of the slow, pedal pusher blues move, and the Brill Cream, letter sweater kit.

This Saturday at Benders the socks get hopping with the Orangu-Tones, Ethyl and the Regulars (does anyone remember Ethyl gas?), the Aquasonics, a twist contest, and maybe a keg or ten of beer flowing. Be there or be square.



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