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Nine Black Alps – Everything Is

You know when you hear a band by chance or circumstance, but for whatever reason, it’s never within reach? Since last year’s SXSW, after stumbling into a small venue to escape the pouring rain and discovering a daytime MTV/UK daytime showcase, we’ve been trying to find out how to get anything from Nine Black Alps. They were just finishing their set, and although we only heard three songs from the four-piece Manchester group, the hooks and carnal firestorms wouldn’t leave our beings.


But patience is a virtue, and although Everything Is was officially released overseas last summer, it’s finally arrived in our hot little American hands.

Packed back to back with frenetic, dance-off chaos, the album could increase stereo speaker sales and unplanned pregnancies with the “Cosmopolitan” track alone. Tones of Nirvana influences can’t be missed on “Not Everyone,” but this is no regurgitation of flannel, striped hole strewn stockings and Docs. “Unsatisfied” couldn’t be further from the truth, carrying the torch to the mountain tops with guitar licks that shine like ice crystals and harmonies that venture far and wide.

Speaking of MTV, a little unplugged action pops its head on the acoustically inclined “Behind Your Eyes,” brimming with tear-jerking, “get me a tissue Tito,” beauty. Along those lines, “Intermission” leaves you floating in crystal blue water without a care in the world, dissolving away the eviction notices, letters from the IRS, and an email from an ex vowing that this time things will be different.

Last year it was Bloc Party who played the lead on the 2005 UK invasion. This year those blokes need to pass the Olympic torch to Nine Black Alps. They’re more than equipped to take on these shores.


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