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Max Graham – Shine

Right off the bat it’s obvious where Max Graham got the title of his new album, Shine. Cast aside the obvious – his Canadian dance night and the shinemusic label. Those who take a listen will fell its warmth and power, and just possibly, his overall mood when putting this project together. As with any DJ worth their due, Max got his name known while touring with Paul Oakenfold. But his roots actually date back to when he was a wee lad of 14 scratching records in New York.


Today he’s pulling in crowds all on his own with deeper funk and a more expansive atmosphere than his previous works. Now on his 5th album, it’s obvious that his producing knack for writing music has taken a turn for the bigger and better. The first track “Piece Process” by Solar Myth gets you riding on a hypnotic jive journey. By the time you hit the “Revolution” turn, the energy is rising with a political and pulsating power, and the rambunctious rhythms keep on sizzling on a “Buenos Aires” venture. The surprising track was the last one by Junkie XL, “Tennis”. It is a perfect downtempo ending, but departure from XL’s more agro approach to their dance persona.

It’s unlikely Max will pull off one of his infamous eight-to-ten hour sets at The Church this Thursday. He will invade the space with a level of diversity that does not fill the holy halls as often as it should.


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