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Love.45 – Love.45

To say that Love.45’s latest release is radio “whorrific” would be beyond unkind. In fairness, the band’s new self-titled disc is worth at least a cursory glance from even the most elite observer, if for no other reason than Love.45 is a local Denver band that’s poised to explode in 2005. Yes, it’s about as radio-ready as they come, but Love.45’s latest offering – its fourth full length – is wrought with stellar production and the fruits of unquestionably talented performers, which combine to deliver a batch of catchy, if not original, tunes.


If you’ve spent any time in recent weeks listening to KTCL, then you’re already familiar with “Don’t Ask Me,” a powerfully melodic track that mixes present-day pop persuasions with late ‘80s hard rock. In fact, in many ways, Love.45 finds itself with the dubious distinction of being known as a modern-day Damn Yankees. Others have already alluded to the band’s vocal prowess and its likeness to the talents of Yankee singers Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades. “Fade” all but seals the argument.

Love.45 earns points for pulling together a consistent effort that doesn’t sway from its sweet spot. Those with a penchant for Love.45’s particular brand of rock will immediately embrace the disc and its many memorable melodies, choruses and hooks. But with all due apologies to a grounded, hard-working group, those searching for something new and different will have to look beyond Love.45.


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