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LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

No huge surprises musically on the second coming from James Murphy and company: loopy dance tracks with the minimalized sound LCD has now made its signature.

Murphy isn’t afraid to carry his tones over dreamy bars, nor to wax staccato. He gives David Bowie a run for his operatic approach to the White Duke on the introductory track, “Get Innocuous,”which develops into an oddly electro Pink Floyd crescendo; then rants lyrically in a manner that sounds like he has a terminal cold on “Time To Get Away.”


His knack for perpetual repetition of a song’s basic concept without annoyance is alive and well throughout Sound of Silver; and the ubiquitous dual cowbell remains a member of the band on its own.

While nothing on this release has the exuberance of “Daft Punk is Playing at My House,” the real thriller track is actually the most serene. “New York I Love You” is a sarcastic, honest, contradictory ode to the city that has seen it all and will bare it all for you; a thorny ballad indeed.

The interesting result of this effort appears to lie in the imminent re-mixes. A copy of Sounds of Silver leaked onto the Internet in December, and edits are already being cut. One artist, Forever21 of San Francisco, plans to release his remix before the original version even hits shelves.


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