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King Gordy – The Entity

Lately, the rap game has been crowded with a consumer-friendliness that has left it somewhat lacking, in my opinion. It’s not that so much of it is totally without quality, but that not so many artists seem to really make a push to go as far as they can just because they can; there’s the general public to be aware of, lawyers involved in the editing process, making the mainstream watered down, so to speak. Not this guy, though; King Gordy just doesn’t care. The new champion of “horrorcore” rap, Gordy puts a new twist on an old tradition started by artists like The Geto Boys, Kool Keith, and The Gravediggaz.


The CD, entitled The Entity, is obviously not for the squeamish listener. From the get-go, he cuts you off at the pass by asking “Who the F@$! Is King Gordy?” This is an appropriate question, since horrorcore artists rarely get the airplay their talent may merit, thanks to the FCC. The album carries on, however, with little or no regard for the FCC or their cronies, and with support from fellow Detroit native Eminem, why would he worry? Which is why, at this point, you should probably turn on the lights, unless the dark, demonic possession, verbal beheadings, and global arson just don’t scare you. 16 tracks of madness, Michigan style, complete with skits and guests, from Obie Trice to Gordy’s crew, the Fat Killahz, a scary group who, as I’m told, resemble Ninja Sumo Wrestlers wielding hatchets and chainsaws.

All of that having been said, the King’s verbal skills hold rank with his peers, and the beat production retains quality throughout the album, helping to give horrorcore a chance at a psychotic, screaming, Abdullah-the-Butcher style belly-flop onto the heads of all who think the mainstream is safe…consider yourself warned.


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