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Kid Sister – Ultraviolet

Kid Sister, both in literal (she’s J2K’s little sister, the one-half of Flosstradamus) and in moniker terms, has been blowing the doors off of the Chicago hip-hop and dance scene for over three years now. Along with the national club circuit, she’s also made her way through numerous domestic street festivals while teaming with Flosstradamus, from the Minna alley in San Francisco to the sea of bopping heads at Pitchfork, along with gigs in Europe.

Girl’s been workin’ hard. Yet the full-length album just didn’t seem to materialize, and earlier this year it was pushed out again. But Ultraviolet is finally here, and it was well worth the wait.


Kid Sister has made good use of the talent around her—Estelle, A-Trak, Xxxchange of Spank Rock, DJ Gant Man, Cee-Lo, and Kayne West—to add multi-layer tricks and back flips to “Ultraviolet.”

“Daydreaming” featuring Cee-Lo mashes pop and electro cotton candy with Sister’s hip-hop prowess. Sophistication and polish meet funky and feisty on “54321,” bouncing between the metro streamlined chorus and electronics, with the meat of Kid Sister’s rap. “Get Fresh” has it’s deep hooks as does the album’s club-ready single, “Right Hand Hi.”

The use of Yazoo’s “Don’t Go” sample in “Big N Bad” throws this track into the “can’t resist the dance” category. Yes, the overall album is drenched in deep grooves and move-inducing rhythms, but this one reminds us why we can’t or don’t want to let go of some of the gems from the 80s.

“You Ain’t Really Down” is what modern-day R&B should be, not the Beyoncé of-the-moment marketing music. This track is soulful and blues-oriented in a way that pays tribute the women before her that bared their hearts for love during the Motown era.

For those that have had the pleasure of seeing Kid Sister perform, you’ll quickly recognize “Control,” remembering her perfectly manicured nails glowing from the stage, the bright and infection smile and colorful dance with attire to match. Same goes for the silliness of “Pro Nails,” where she looks coy and gets campy.

Kickin’ it with a “Supersonic” BPM, “Let Me Bang 2009” emphasizes her strength and place in hip-hop and as a performer. She’s staking her claim in the ground, and has plenty of talent and savvy to hold her own without breaking a nail or a sweat. Long overdue but well-received, Ultraviolet is Chapter 1 for what we hope to be a long and vivacious career for Kid Sister.

{rokbox title=|Kid Sister :: Right Hand Hi Video| text=|Watch the Right Hand Hi Video Here| thumb=|../images/kid-sister-ultraviolet.jpg|}{/rokbox}

Downtown Records/Universal Republic Records


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