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Reno Divorce – Naysayers and Yesmen

I’m gonna dub these Colorado boys the Social D Little Bros, ripping out (but not ripping off) the vocal style and vintage punk guitar chords of their predecessor without the drugs and self abuse.

This couldn’t be more apparent than the first track out of the shoot, “Let It Loose,” which was such a fabulous sonic distraction that I ran a red light after throwing it my car’s player at the first listen. Naysayers and Yesmen is filled with lyrical words of wisdom, “Hits You Hard,” a tribute to the one asshole in any given social circle, “He’s A Fuck Up,” but not without a little tongue in butt cheek whimsy, “Girls I Could Have Fucked.” “Last Dance” throws down an almost Honky Tonk rhythm with a whiskey induced vocal backdrop, a howdy partner to “What Were You Sayin?” that launches visuals of square dancers looped on Mary-J-Juana and JD.

Reno Divorce keeps the energy level turned past the max from one track to another, with timely change ups, fresh sets of guitar skills and gutsy vocal styles at every turn. Just try to obey the traffic laws. And don’t be surprised if you have to pull the car over and break into a mosh pit of one. Check out to get Naysayers and Yesmen and check out their tour schedule.


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