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Kaddisfly – Buy Our Intention; We’ll Buy You A Unicorn

If you’re one of the people who think Coheed And Cambria would be a great band if only their vocalist would knock off the Geddy Lee howling and they’d tone down all that spacey crap, Kaddisfly could be right up your alley. If you’re one of the people (are there any?) that think a collaboration between Coheed And Cambria and Incubus would be hot shit, then you might just die happy after listening to Buy Our Intention; We’ll Buy You A Unicorn.


You have to give this Eugene quintet credit for taking an emotional post-hardcore frame and looking beyond it – way beyond it… these kids ain’t afraid to get jazzy on your asses – but given the sheer length of this release (it’s fifteen tracks, over an hour long and closes with a ten and a half minute epic called “Horses Galloping On Sail Boats”) it doesn’t always successfully hold the attention; in some places rambling along like a stoner buddy who’s taken one too many mushrooms on a trip to the beach. It’s a shame because when they get it right – as on “Let Weight Be Measured By Merit” which finds the right balance between rocking out and progging inward – you can see their very real potential for wider appeal. As it stands they might just get stuck with a fanbase solely made up of fellow musicians and stoners.

If it was ten tracks this would be much easier to stomach and much less repetitive. Trim it down next time boys.


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