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The Blackfire Revelation – God and Guns on 51

Heavy rock is an understatement for God And Guns On 51, a 5-track EP from New Orleans duo Blackfire Revelation. Blues-laden rock gospels that have all the intensity of band-structure-mates godheadSilo, with slurring sermons from guitarist/vocalist J.R. Fields in the vein of the Murder City Devils’ Spencer Moody or an old, drug-addled Iggy bootleg.


This tends to bore a bit, even with only five tracks, but the potential is seeable. Drummer Hank Haney is solid and specific. The antitheses of the drummer that’s too overbearing, Haney makes every hit perfectly timed, so they stand out in symbolic minimalism. Fields’ guitar starts as simple chord-work, and marches bravely into ferocious, wailing solos that hold their own with or without bass accompaniment.

This is a fair debut but nothing to write more than one letter home about. The oracle at Kaffeine Buzz headquarters predicts The Blackfire Revelation’s second coming could very well be the charm these two are clearly working toward.


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