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Goldrush – The Heart is the Place

Oxford, England’s Goldrush has created a follow up to 2005’s Ozona, which was recorded in a cowshed in the U.K. countryside. The Heart Is The Place is free from overly produced studio work (obviously, a cowshed can only be so high-tech, right?!), and may not be perfect, but that becomes more endearing than something to criticize.


It is quite easy to hear influences in their sound; tracks like “We Will Not Be Machines,” and “Can’t Give Up the Ghost” have a very distinct Doves sound, while tracks like “Sun In Your Eyes,” and the title track “The Heart Is The Place,” have an unmistakable Flaming Lips influence.

While their sound is good, one can by no means say that it is new or original, but it is still somewhat enjoyable to listen to. The songwriting is decent and aurally palatable, however, there is nothing here that is edgy or experimental; nothing that inspires a turn to the inventive, but rather consistently reminds me of other artists.

The best track on this record is probably “Heaven’s My Destination,” a good little glock rock ditty, with good use of orchestration and a good balance between lyrics and melodies. Personally, I dig the sound, but personally, I can’t not hear Jez Williams, Chris Martin, Jens Lekman, and the Magic Numbers!


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