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Forever Changed – The Need to Feel Alive

Attention young emo bands! Knock it off! No one wants or needs to have to memorize any more bands with months, seasons or time periods in their names.


By calling themselves Forever Changed, this Tallahassee quartet are just begging to get confused with Further Seems Forever and Forever Until October. Which actually doesn’t really matter, when musically they’re all pretty interchangeable anyway (not that coincidentally, The Need To Feel Alive was produced by James Paul Wisner who previously worked with Further Seems Forever on their Hide Nothing album).

It’s not that there’s anything actually wrong with Forever Changed – their emotional post-hardcore bends, soars and breaks in all the right places – the problem is we’ve all heard it all before. A lot. The cute-young-men-with-perfect-hair-being-heart-broken-with-intricate-guitars-and-big-choruses thing was over-played a year ago – several years ago?

Bottom line: if Forever Changed doesn’t make the effort to develop beyond the predictable and take the time to imbue their music with a more distinctive personality, their future will be limited to say the least.


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