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Force of Evil – Black Empire

While not quite making the cut as a concept album, Black Empire, attempts to incorporate inspiration from classic works of horror, both film and fiction, in to this wanna-be evil sounding, vocal equivalent to a Guns ‘N’ Roses album.


Aside from the cheese factor, these guys have some serious issues. Lyrics from their title track, “Black Empire,” supposedly inspired from “The Amityville Horror” read: “Beyond the darkest room of the invisible hell, ghost in black will attack / Evil rising up high children of the damned, the unholy kingdom will slaughter all.” Are these guys serious? Give me break. No one is going to be afraid of Force of Evil’s music, which I’m assuming is what they’re getting at, when their singer sounds like a 10-year-old Axl Rose on crack.

In this day and age, it should be safe to assume that death metal was a thing of the past, and that singing about “the dark side” could be remedied with a couple therapy sessions or something. Still, albums like these continue to be released, year in and year out, by middle-aged hopefuls trying ever-so-desperately to salvage that one morsel of their youth that seems to be slipping through their fingers.


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