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Fear Before the March of Flames – Art Damage

Sometimes it’s a mystery as to how a band was inspired by a given name. Franz Ferdinand is far from starting a world war, for example. Not so of this Aurora band, now gone national, as their heat and burn continues to take over the large and small stages across the country with an uncontrollable fervor.

Dubbed from the fires of 2002, this young troupe has had a relentless progression in the past two years, releasing their debut Odd How People Shake on Rise Records, touring with fellow homeboys VAUX, and the likes of The Blood Brothers and The Hope Conspiracy.


Now label mates with VAUX on Equal Vision Records, Fear Before The March of Flames returns with a blistering array of tracks that bring a new term of “heavy” to each track—from the visceral growls of lead vocalist David Marion to the deep basement basslines of Mike Madruga, which are showcased on “Consequences David. You’ll Meet Your Fate In The Styx.” The finish to that track has a buttery chardonnay finish with the lightest veil of piano, a complete contrast of earlier blows of full cans of PBR to the noggin.

The song titles like “Whiskey Is Alright In Its Place. But Its Place Is In Hell” read more like Chinese fortunes from the indie film underground than short but sweet theme descriptions. Without a lyric sheet, one can only concentrate on the controlled chaos that is Art Damage, with the exception of Adam Fisher‘s back-up vocals and a random Bush-ism “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice…” and there’s that uncomfortable pause that hangs while smoke permeates from Dubya’s ears.

Fear Before The March of Flames plays their CD Release Party Friday, September 03 at Rock Island in Denver, where they’re giving away a FREE bonus CD with the purchase of Art Damage, which includes five live tracks recorded during one of their shows in San Diego. If you buy their new CD from Tower Records,, or, you will receive a FREE t-shirt.


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