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Faithless – No Roots

Faithless always reminds me of the irony of my moving to Denver, of their Sunday at 8pm album that features The BlueBird’s marquee, just minutes from where I live now. I always thought that it looked like a cool spot to visit without a clue that it would someday become my new hometown. Faithless was also the group from which Dido sprang, the women with the unique and captivating voice that through her solo project, took the world by storm after her partnership with Eminem.


Faithless is a band out on their own island with a style that ranges from subdued reggae ballads to manic dance tracks. For the past ten years and now on their fourth album, they hold true to the saying that “the only constant is change.” The constant is their story-telling style, more serious, logical and long standing than what you’ve heard from The Streets (although they are just as entertaining, just in a different way). This time around Faithless releases heart-felt thoughts about what goes on not only in their own world, but also within the wide world around them.

The single that’s got an equally hardhitting video is “Mass Destruction,” the tale from a young child’s perspective and of his/her father leaving to fight the war, that weapons come in all sizes and shapes—from misinformation in the media, to racism and the greed of corporations like Halliburton and Enron. Even in their most serious mood, the remix version of this song is one of bouncing glory, and the remaining tracks celebrate life and love with Faithless’ knack for creating dark purple atmospheres in space. What that means I’m not quite sure. I just see what I hear.


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