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Eulogies – Eulogies

Los Angeles based Eulogies has released their debut, self-titled album on Dangerbird Records, home to other indie darlings All Smiles and Darker My Love.


Backed by undulating bass lines and simple effective drumming, lead singer Peter Walker’s (who also has a solo record on Dangerbird) vocals dabble in reverberation whilst evoking an emotional genuflection. Walker explains the band’s name and album title: “Eulogies are most commonly designated for those who have passed, but really they are just words of praise, and in this case they are for the living. The name, for me, represents the saying of the unsaid, the voicing of the unexpressed, to someone you care about.”

Sound-wise, the album combines a distinctly dreamy tone with down-to-earth guitar rhythms. “Big Eyes,” stands out with a simple beat and guitar riff, combined with engaging and plaintive vocals. It is clear that Walker has stories to tell, and he does so with an architectural strategy; setting up his songs with well-structured tracks and balanced instrumentation. Ranging from sparse to well-rounded, each track has its own sentiment, but the overall sentiment of the album is one of lamentations, echoes of failed father figures, and a million reasons to hit the bottle again.

Eulogies will be playing the Larimer Lounge in Denver on November 5th.


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