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Egoevadiggin – The Ascetic In Me

EGOed hales from Colorado’s StillCatchinWreck crew. He’s got an intensely introspective vibe, touching base with the material of Oliver Hart (Eyedea). Content tends to revolve around a setting or a concept, rather than a plot. Descriptions and philosophies… words of advice for young people.


The beats on The Ascetic in Me are refreshing and impressive; really creative sounds with eerie, tweaky loops and remarkably crisp highs. And, EGOed’s smooth delivery and breath control are a subtle testament to his skill and experience.

There are moments of dis-ease in some of the production. Songs fade out really uncomfortably, even right in the middle of a 16-bar flow… That don’t make no goddamn sense!

Ultimate, this is pretty sweet. Experience being the best schooler, I bet the next release will blow this one away; but this isn’t necessarily one to pass up.


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