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Diesto – Doomtown 7

Thundering out of Portland, Oregon, Diesto is a hard hitting noise rock trio sounding more like The Melvins, Jesus Lizard, or even Motorhead, than the grungy inspired music from their native northwest.


Doomtown 7, is their second full length release on Elastic, conjuring up a sludgy guttural sound, with thick drums, dropped guitars, and driving monotone vocals.

I’m not sure how I feel when eight songs are considered a full-length; I always thought 10 songs was the line of distinction? Some can diversify and disguise the eight songs as a full-length, but this album sort of runs together, with the exception of a few guitar and bass breakdowns, following the same metronome and vocal path throughout. Not that the droning is all bad, hints of Isis and maybe a less complex Mastodon shine through at times, but they’re just not defined enough yet with this release.


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