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Diego Paulo – Cafe Con Leche

The frost is finally melting. People are spending more time on the patio with frothy pitchers, gathering to enjoy the warmer weather. This is a perfect time for Diego Paulo’s Cafe Con Leche to show up to the party.

The smiling grooves are relaxed, the horns sooth, and the “ooh…ahhhs” from Diego Paulo’s festive persona make one’s stress level subside. The tropical and cascading serenade from Katie Dill on “A Viagem” and its freestyle jazz element personifies the group’s relaxed yet sophisticated style.

The guitar work on “California” likens to a shade of surf while the vocal style of “Aleksandria” is tinted with a vintage lushness.

When I was little I loved when my mom would throw in Brasil ’66 and we’d pop up from the dinner table to dance. It also wasn’t unusual for my parents to bring me with them to the Tiki spots like the Tonga Room in San Francisco where jazz and Colypso music would flow through the air as fluidly as the Mai Thai.

Diego Paulo’s composition of “Destination Mediterranean” and “Holiday” took me right back to that carefree time, bubbling over with a sense of inspiration and joy. This band’s liveliness and subtle sambas have me aching to be back by the beach with sand between my toes and nothing on my mind except the splashing surf. (sigh)

Café Con Leche certainly satisfies, and then some. I hope to hear more from Diego Paulo in the near future.


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