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Get Your Art On

 The East Coast had a Profound effect on this fish out of water.

The weather is slightly now more predictable in Denver in terms of temperature (but don’t be surprised by the impromptu rain shower) so people are ready to shed that winter coat and run around town. That means the art events around Denver, especially during First Friday, may be a bit more crowded in June. Here’s a few of our picks and places we’re checking out personally.


Elliot Lang – Animal Fashions – INDY INK

“Ralph fell in love with Boarding School attire. Prep-wear was his passion. Post grad, he worked a few corporate gigs. If it weren’t for his outbursts in the middle of board meetings, he would have had a lifetime job in the city, with a weekend home in the Hamptons. His eccentricities left him jobless, without family, yet fully creative in his own right. The art would pay eventually, he thought. As he put on his blazer, tweed pants, and prep tie, “saddle shoes today, why not?” With that he took to the streets with a renewed sense of purpose…”

Elliot Lang is a story teller, in both the written word and the paint to paper. Having created illustrations for such esteemed newspapers as the Wall Street Journal, and then done the same for R&B hitmaker R. Kelley, it makes sense that his craft led him to the theme of his show, “Animal Fashions.”

There is a real sense of sophistication and a blatant tongue-and-cheek essence to a fish named Ralph, with mouth opened wide, dressed to the 9’s, struggling to overcome his weaknesses while pursuing his dream; believing he can rise above all odds. With the help of his saddle shoes.

“Animal Fashions” opens Friday, June 4 at INDY INKY in Denver (84 s. Broadway) from 7pm to 11pm.

VIZ ORG – Art, Music & Booze – 70 Inca (7th & Inca)

I met Mikie on Larimer’s back patio while Eluvium As with any good promoter, within the first minute of our conversation he promptly put one of his handmade, DIY flyers in my hand.

VIZ ORG is a new monthly “visual orgy” event that revels in the underground, the lowbrow, the bringing together of a community of artists and art lovers. Don’t look for a high-end gallery with large glass windows and bored looking people standing around with their Chablis. VIZ ORG is an art house party, sans the hurling girl or douche bag frat boy punching a hole in the wall.

This month artists include Sean “Man Cub” Kornos, Zez Elotes, Sarah Allen, C. Brown, and Mike Rudnicki.

So while you’re dodging strollers and slow walkers on Santa Fe, take a break from the masses and head over to what is expected to be the monthly pick for Santa Fe Art Walk Fridays.

Denver Chalk Art 2010

If there’s ever a time where rain would make an artist wince, it would be during the annual Denver Chalk Art event.

While chalk art on concrete may be considered graffiti vandalism in Brooklyn neighborhoods, it’s a welcomed occurrence at Larimer Square – and at Denver International Airport (DIA).

This past Wednesday artists headed out to the airport’s tarmac, chalk tools in hand. By the end, they left their crafty mark by spicing up the gray, concrete surface, if only temporarily.

Denver Chalk Art, free and open to the public, is another way art is being made accessible to everyone (side note: it is a creed often believed in by graffiti artists sharing their talent in cities across the globe).

Over 200 chalk artists will descend on Larimer Square, starting this Saturday morning, June 5. The event goes through Sunday, June 6.



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