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Desyn Msiello – Balance 008

Desyn Masiello’s Balance 008 is on the “A” list for this winter season’s holiday dancing must-haves, whether it’s in the club, at a party, or while you’re getting drunk on eggnog and attempting to decorate your tree with popcorn balls.

This compilation of twists and turns will take you down memory lane and into the future with favorites like Orbital’s “Halcyon” and visions of that cutting edge movie Hackers (or so I thought at the time, now it’s just funny…boy, Angelina has come a long way, heh?), Moloko’s “Cannot Contain This” transitioned into Killing Joke’s “Love Like Blood,” and the late ‘80s street vibe of “Dusty Little Kid” by New Ordinament with “Love Sweet Love” by Clashing Egos featuring Jelle Paulusma.

When it comes to THE track where you close your eyes and just dive into a groove (just be cautious not to drift into a pole while you’re driving), I’d have to pick “One on One” (DM Edit) by Chelonis Jones whose warm and luscious vocals sink into your skin like butta. Then the soul breaker, dance ‘til you’re dead topper has to be “We Interrupt This Program” (Raul Rincon mix) by Coburn.

Masiello’s diversity and method of pulling music from different dance genres provides him with more opportunities to switch it up and around, keeping things interesting and lively both in concept and presentation, utilizing an invisible string from track to track to tie it all together beautifully with a big red bow. It definitely avoids the often asked question, “How long is this song?” not realizing that in fact, you’re five songs into the CD.

Having appeared in Deep Dish’s Global Underground 05 and Danny Howell’s 24/7 compilation, Masiello’s fan base extends from behind the decks and the big names and onto the dance floor, where droves from Poland and Romania to his homeland in the U.K. arrive ready to sweat and smile. And although his guy friends have thought the picture of Desyn on Balance’s CD cover makes him look a “proper wanker,” as a female, not only do I think they’re terribly wrong, I believe their that take stems from pure, catty jealousy.


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