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Alice in Videoland – Outrageous

Are you ever in one of those aerobic or dancing/kickboxing classes and think to yourself, “This music makes me want to leave right now. I want to shoot this instructor. How am I going to make it through the next 45 minutes without ending up in jail?”


Even if you have resided yourself to a permanent indent on your couch with the remote, you can’t deny the overwhelming desire to move that friggin’ fruitcake eatin’, eggnog drinkin’, Christmas special watchin’ body of yours after throwing in Outrageous.

Lead vocalist Toril Lindqvist is here to take over where the now bitter and self-glorified Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons left off. Yes, this is disco ball lights, space age satellites and an edge that could is sharp and shiny. Taking their moniker from an ’84 Commodore 64 computer game, Alice in Videoland’s shape and style definitely derive from that electro era, but their glow comes closer to the sauciness of Peaches with the bubblegum bounciness of Fischerspooner dressed in fishnets and leather regalia.

It’s refreshing to hear that something other than hair band, butt rock metal is coming out of Sweden these days. And although Alice in Videoland could use more diversity from song to song, as they do with “Radiosong” and “Falling,” when it comes to the ‘80s, I’ll take electro like this any day.


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