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Daphne Love Derby – On the Strength of All Convinced

One of the beauties about music is that realistically, and aside from covers of magazine and pretty boy band shots, it is invisible to the eye. It comes down to what the songwriters and musicians have to offer, whether they’re 18 or 80. Some make their age and experience very apparent: a pop punk rocker singing about school and girls, a late 30-something rocker who in a sad way is still singing about girls and Jager shots, to one that continues to impact the evolution of music 30 years into their career.


For Daphne Loves Derby, they are a group to defy all the expectations of who they are just from listening to their new debut, On the Strength of All Convinced. For one, their bassist and vocalist Jason Call was already done with high school and college by the time he was 18. While some point fingers at today’s kids and their sense of entitlement (which needs to be turned right around to the parents, IMHO), these three were juggling school, songwriting, practicing and weekend shows for hundreds while developing their online marketing strategy that proved very fruitful.

So what’s the music all about?

It’s up and down, rocking and melodic, rich and very defined at times. Call’s serenade is endearing and enchanting on “Debussie” and “Pollen and Salt,” tracks that would fit nicely next to a summer evening compilation, next to Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake and Michael Penn, then stretches its passion on songs like “Kirby,” which recalls a similar fire as the now disbanded Pond. And the layers of acoustics and a medley of instrumentation really showcases DLD’s music talents on “Middle Middle.”

Something that struck me about their press bio (not including the comical intro that pokes fun at press bios in general) was a quote from Call about how life is a rollercoaster, and people need to experience both the good and the bad to really get anything out of it. Many don’t figure that out until they’re knee deep into their careers and marriage, or in recovery from all of the above.

DLD’s perception is highly mature and a breath of fresh air tying pop, rock, and daisy bright melodies with substance that many can connect to, young or old.


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