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Counterfit – Super Amusement Machine for Your Exciting Heart

If you’ve ever lived in a town with a population less than 100,000, then chances are you’ve enjoyed a program or two on the local public television station. My favorite show was the local music showcase, where you’d find either the old washed-up dudes with day jobs playing folky bluegrassy worldbeat or the college guys with no jobs playing, well, that sound you always hear from college bands on public television.


When listening to Counterfit, I can’t seem to shake those campy images of four college guys wearing non-descript t-shirts and jeans playing even more non-descript music. “Super Amusement Machine …” comes across like a watered-down collection of emo tendencies, relying predominantly on a prominent backbeat and guitar work that’s alternately subdued and semi-aggressive.

Whereas bands like Sparta have perfected this dichotomy, Counterfit comes up significantly short of this mark, relegating itself to the minor leagues of a sound that is, in many ways, already played out. But to be fair, these guys have clearly put their hearts and energy into their music, and I’m certain their sound fits a certain percentage of the population. Unfortunately, Counterfit won’t be leading a revolution any time soon.


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