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Brutal Hand – Brutal Hand

The dark rumbling dirge of “March of the Condemned” is in no way a sign of things to come. The opening instrumental of locals Brutal Hand’s self-released debut is heavy and somewhat interesting. The first full proper song “1314” starts off promising enough with what sounds like the build up of an angry mob before it kicks in with its low rent Dream Theater gallop. Complete with distracting keyboard flourishes.


“The Tenant” follows and comes off as some not so rockin’ Dokken number with a truly annoying repetitive vocal chorus of “In his personal hell.” “Room to Breathe” starts off sounding like Def Leppard’s “Foolin’” only to change gears (slightly) to a full on Firehouse (?!) impression.

Vocalist Brad Bowles’ style is a combination of Motley Crue’s Vince Neil and Jack Russell (Great White). In the band’s bio, he’s says, “Melodic rock is coming back. It has to. People are sick of listening to people bark into the mic. The ‘90s are over. . .” And so the ‘80s are back?

Not to say this disc is not without its merits, although they all lie in the guilty pleasure category. I mean, if you’re a fan of the bands I’m mentioning, you may very well dig on this disc. I’ll admit, I do have a curious desire to check these guys out live. Again, guilty pleasure. . .

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