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Blood On The Tracks – Blood on the Tracks

Naming your band after the title of a legendary album seems to be a double-edged sword of sorts. The expectations are sub-consciously higher for the listener, making it that much more difficult to have a significant impact. On the other hand if the band is amazing, no one is second-guessed, everyone is happy, and the name looks genius.


Enter Blood on the Tracks, an up and coming three-piece outfit from Santa Clara California, with the release of their debut self titled EP. Sounding like a young Green Day playing a dancy, poppy style of indie rock, they’ve unfairly been compared to the Mars Volta, Jimmy Eat World, and U2, leaving them subject to more lofty expectations and unnecessary criticisms. The sad irony is that many young, talented rock bands get bloodied by the gears of the marketing machine, powered by the same people that are just trying to create a buzz for them. Sad, but funny.

The six songs are well written and catchy, but there are just too many elements at work masking the fact that it is a good debut EP, not a great one. And I wonder if those guises make it more forgettable.


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