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The Blood Brothers – February 28, 2005 – Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom – Denver, CO

Blood Brothers

Our indie spazz-core darlings, the Blood Brothers paid us another visit, this time at the top of the bill, in a venue slightly smaller than their last appearance at the Gothic. But, the cozier quarters were actually a plus, as the crowd clearly came for the band, and not for whatever other reason people go to shows these days…

The band tore through a set of classics and new material (from Crimes), kicking off the set with “Teen Heat”—which was incidentally abundant at the ridiculously early, all-ages event—and working their way to their latest work, with “Love Rhymes” as the set closer.


I must take a minute to mention that good song titles and band names are truly appreciable, and in that realm the Brothers are genius. The title “Guitarmy” makes me feel crazy with jealousy, wishing it was MY idea…I can’t believe no one has used that before. Hat’s off.

Having taken some time to raise awareness about homelessness, and to rant about our idiot president, the boys concluded their meaty set to a stadium-size roar and a demand from the frenzied nubile crowd for more.

Emerging from the broom closet where they hid in preparation for their imminent finish, they returned to cap things off with “Celebrator”—another Crimes track—and “Denver Max” (which I presume closes every show, and the name changes appropriately.).

Barely legal co-lead hunk, Johnny Whitney bravely attempted to cross the room toward the merch booth to snag a CD for Kaffeine Buzz’s sonic enjoyment, but was immediately caught in a mosh of gushing girls and boys in search of pictures and hugs. I think he saw it coming. Despite attempts to get a quick Q & A out of him, I was waylaid by the fandom, so you’ll have to ask him some interesting questions yourself.

I gotta say, if was a teen rock lover again, I’d want to be a blood brother too.


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