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Bedroom Walls – I Saw You Coming Back to Me

Like a daydream pool with a reality filter, Bedroom Walls’ debut album, I Saw You Coming Back to Me, is chock full of hazy guitar, dreamy keyboards, and crackling vocals that are just what you need when you want to read existentialist literature or, say, write a love letter. Essentially, you could listen to it just about anytime.


Spinning into the music scene on More Real Cats Music, this band creates music that makes you want to roll around in blankets and sit on the porch swing smoking a cigar. The six-person group which includes glockenspiels, a violin, and an electric piano, embraces a self-titled genre called “romanticore,” a term the band coined to describe their own music. According to the band’s website,, “some elements include: an unhealthy pre-occupation with staring blankly at the ceiling; sedatives; the santa ana winds; guilty flashbacks; [and] stale cake for breakfast (and lunch).”

Songs like “Winter, That’s All,” contain elements of sluggish surf guitar and fragile keyboards, creating a sound not unlike what I would imagine as The Strokes on massive amounts of Dramamine. Masculine and feminine vocals from Adam Goldman and Kris Canning combine with gentle percussion and hypnotic guitar to evoke a sense of what I deemed as “holy Yo La Tengo!” on the track “This Dog’s Life.” Overall, every song seems to pop and bridge at just the right time and keep an amazing balance of sound. It lolls, it simmers, it snazzles.

This gelatinous nine-track album is as easy on the ears as velvet earmuffs. Hmm, do they make velvet earmuffs? I think I need a pair.


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