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Amber Pacific – The Possibility and the Promise

Imagine Northstar, The Early November, New Found Glory, and early Fall Out Boy’s vans colliding in a winter storm, aimlessly scattering bodies and lyrics in the snow. Dazed and confused the members of each band wearily trek back to what they think to be their respective vans, and try to remember the direction their music was heading in. The product: Seattle’s Amber Pacific.


Mixing pop, punk, emo, and who knows what else, Amber Pacific is able to produce the catchy, over-harmonized sound most bands who are signed on Drive-Thru strive for. While their sound isn’t anything that hurts the ears, it certainly isn’t anything that the ears haven’t experienced before.

Their lyrics are touching in that “I-can’t-believe-you-thought-of-me-while-you-were-out-of-town-on-a-fishing-trip-with-your-dad, swear-you’ll-never-leave-me” type of way. But that is to be expected from a band whose members are the average age of 19, just barely out of high school.

Perhaps with a little time, and a few more birthdays, Amber Pacific will realize their potential and branch out past the confines of their basements and poetically pathetic sentiments.


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