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Woodsman – Fall West Coast Tour with Gauntlet Hair


I’ve always been a huge fan of dual drummers. Maybe it dates back to our primal roots, where huge, sonic percussion brings out something within our DNA that revises a dormant gene of intrigue and passion. Woodsman, a Denver foursome, dedicates 50% of their talent to the skins and sticks, with Dylan Shumaker and Eston Lathrop sharing the rhythm helm.

The Collages EP was self-released and was followed in June by the Mystery Tape EP (Lefse Records), which sparked the flame of interest in the Woodsman’s abstract yet intricate instrumentation. Crafting layers of sound as thin as skin, translucent vocals are utilized more as veils than the lead for a song’s direction or message. Bringing space and time concepts together with auras that feel as if the clock has been stopped are where the creative minds behind the curtain really wield their power.

“When the Morning Comes” and “Balance,” both from Mystery Tape, really highlight the duality of the drumming, while “Smelling Purple” takes you on a 13+ minute journey down the back roads of Kaleidoscopic Road.


Woodsman is set to release its Rare Forms full-length album (Lefse Records) in January 2011, and have given a sneak peak into what’s to come with “Insects.” With this track the continuing evolution is evident, including bringing the vocal presence up a notch. While still obscure and hollowed, the power—from the drums, guitars, keyboards, and sample machines—behind this first single can’t be denied.

When it comes to describing Woodsman’s sound in words, a sample used from the track “Cinesthesia” from the Collages EP says it best, “When you’re thinking about something you don’t understand you have that terrible, uncomfortable feeling of confusion…And yet it seems absolutely fundamental to our life.”

Basically, you can use all the creative adjectives in your pocket, but the next step to listening on your earbuds is to drink in the band’s sound being poured from a stage.

Woodsman are signed to Lefse Records, home to Neon Indian, Houses, School of Seven Bells, Active Child and A Classic Education releases. The group, after the two shows here at home–Hi-Dive on Friday, October 29 and at the Analog Space Party ( produced by Peter Black, taking place at the Meadowlark on Saturday, October 30—-head out on a west coast our with Denver’s Gauntlet Hair, exposing Woodsman’s tripped out, hypnotic vibes that will no doubt entice music fans in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

It will be really nice to let the country know that Denver has more than three bands to our name. Woodsman is well equipped to get that message out.

Download the new Woodsman track “Insects” –

Download the Denver Afterdark Fall 2010 compilation from Analog Space – – which includes “Balance” from Woodsman and “Fantasy Cloak” from Gauntlet Hair, along with other Denver acts.

Tour Dates with Gauntlet Hair:

10/29 Denver, CO – Hi-Dive 
10/30 Denver, CO – Meadowlark (Analog Space Party)
11/05 Seattle, WA – Cairo
11/06 Portland,OR – The Artistery 
11/07 Olympia, WA – House Show
11/09 Davis, CA  – Villanova 
11/10 Oakland, CA – Mama Buzz Cafe  
11/11  San Francisco CA – Milk Bar 
11/12  Santa Cruz, CA – TBA 
11/13  Los Angeles, CA – The Bacchus  
11/14  Los Angeles, CA – Origami Vinyl 
11/15  Irvine, CA – Acrobatics Everyday 
11/16  San Diego, CA – Soda Bar  
11/18  Albuquerque, NM – The Kosmos


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