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Rally to Restore Sanity: Denver


When we watch how crazy our country has become, when we see idiots running for office who don’t believe that the separation between church and state exists in the U.S. Constitution, the rallying cry (with tears involved) is, “Thank God for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert!!” Now we in Denver can be a part of Stewart and Colbert’s “Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear” this Saturday, October 30 via the Sanity simulcast at Civic Center Park.

My friend Jennifer and I were agonizing over the fact that we wouldn’t be in D.C. in person with the other more sane, logical, elitists-who-can-spell gathering at the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear.

Now, it looks like many other cities like Denver will be hosting similar events ( to tell the world that although this country’s “stupid Americans” reputation is being spread faster than a STD at Spring Break—thanks to the obnoxious Tea Party members and Fox News—not all of us are lying, ignorant, racists nut bags. That we can get together and exchange ideas, even if they’re conflicting, and have a respectful debate about where this country is headed. That “we the people” don’t believe everything we’re told by ill-informed pundits or editorial commentators posing as journalists.

The coordinators of Sanity Denver have raised enough money for a jumbotron at Civic Center Park, which will be simulcasting the D.C. “Sanity/Fear” event. As of today they’ve raised over $8,100 but they still need $1,900 to reach their goal. The money raised will go to pay for hosting the 2,000 person rally, including the live satellite feed, sound and video system, waste disposal, recycling and port-a-potties. 

You can donate, sign up to volunteer, or buy at T-shirt by going to Connect with them and others attending on their Facebook Page:!/SanityDenver

Event Details:

Saturday, October 30, 2010
9am – 3pm
Civic Center Park, downtown Denver (you know, where Obama rallied just two years ago)

Other ways to connect to and virtually participate in “Sanity/Fear”:

Livestream through, and, which will work on smartphones.

Twitter: @Rally4Sanity and @StephenAtHome

Facebook: and

Text RALLY or MARCH to 44686 for text updates


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