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The Kaffeine Buzz Show – Episode 20 – Hoxton Radio

This week’s episode celebrated the Obama victory in our country’s presidential election. It also poked fun at attempts to imitate each other’s accents ala a “Big Bang Theory” clip. Taking a peek at what’s playing London and Denver (and cities beyond), Hackney’s Cheatahs were featured, along with Lotus Plaza, Django Django, Tanlines, a flash from the past from Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Denver’s Flashlights.

Played a track from Butch Walker, who is the center of the documentary, “Butch Walker: Out of Focus,” along with a Smiths song, sharing news of Johnny Marr’s forthcoming solo album next February…and his tryout with the Blues.

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Kim Owens

“The Kaffeine Buzz Show – connecting the U.S. and the U.K. through music.”


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