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Japandroids U.S. Fall / Winter Tour 2012

There we were, holed up at the Walnut Room the night of the presidential election, glued to the glowing TVs as CNN spewed their gibber-gabber on one and on another, to Comedy Central, awaiting for Jon Stewart’s Daily Show to weigh in. Before Mr. Stewart could weigh in, Tosh.O was in the house…donning a Japandroids T-shirt. My friends and random peeps at the bar chimed in with glee at the fact that soon, Japandroids would be returning to Denver.

Yes, we too could be flashing the Japandroids’ “Never Alone” fashion statement of the fall after a visit to the band’s merch counter at the Bluebird on Sunday, November 18.

This show is part Japandroids current tour, which took them to San Francisco’s Fillmore earlier this week, to Portland and Seattle, and then the duo will be making that eight-hour trek from Salt Lake City to Denver where they’ll play a slightly larger venue than the last sold out show at the Larimer this past July.

While I missed that particular show, I was able to make another August gig thousands of miles away in Leicester when Japandroids performed at the Summer Sundea festival.

While some points of Japandroids’ history has been tumultuous, the fans and I no doubt were more than grateful that singer/guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse were now standing (and sitting) in front of us, singing their asses off with smiles that were reflective of what they saw in the faces of the boys and girls bouncing within De Montford Hall.

The fast-talker-betty-crocker King did his thing between songs, causing some to look over at me, as if I was the British-to-American translator. But it was all about rock, baby. Ripping through their set with tracks from 2012’s Celebration Rock, along with favs from Post-Nothing and No Singles, the two Vancouver men took over the large stage.

Yes, we bounced and bopped to “The House That Heaven Built,” chiming in on the screaming line, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! / And if they try to slow you down / Tell them all to go to hell!” One of my favorites from the new album, “Younger Us,” made the heart pound, “…and thinking this feeling was never gonna end.”

And we didn’t want it to. This woman is psyched about the opportunity to have another go ’round with Brian and David, who come back to Denver this Sunday, November 18 when Japandroids perform at Bluebird with Swearin’. Doors are at 7pm, show at 8pm.

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