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The Kaffeine Buzz Show – Episode 18 – Hoxton Radio Debut

In Episode 18, the Kaffeine Buzz Show debuts on the Shoreditch-based Hoxton Radio! Denver and London come together as I featured artists playing in both cities, including Todd Edwards, a world-renowned DJ/Producer that came to Shoreditch at the end of September and performs in Denver Saturday, October 27 at The Hundred party, and then returns to London for a number of number of gigs in December.

There was also a tip of the hat to that time of the year, Halloween, via bands and songs with a ‘ghostly’ bend, including Starfucker (plays Denver Saturday, October 27), Ghostpoet, The Faint, Ghost Animal and Does It Offend You, Yeah? And to support up and coming local music, London’s The Shallows and Denver’s Popcult were part of the mix.

New episodes air every Friday at 10am MDT / 4pm GMT at, and then replay on Saturday at 10pm MDT / 4am GMT.

Thanks for listening!

Kim Owens, host / editor


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