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Spike and Mike Animation Festival Kicks Off with a Rave-Atar 3D Dance Party

 Unless you’ve been living under a T.V. reality-show obsessed rock, the annual Spike and Mike Twisted Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation needs no introduction. But you may not have guessed a Rave-Atar 3D Dance Party would be part of the programming. Yes, a two-day boogie film fest at Denver’s Beauty Bar featuring some of our city’s best dance talent: DJs London Dungeon, Pictureplane, Hollagramz, DJ Soup and Bobby C Sound TV.

It all starts this Friday, April 6 with the first night’s animation film screenings. Then the decks get rolling (if not spinning) with London Dungeon, who recently released a mix for, a house-heavy ride featuring an original track, “Tonic,” a perfect slice of musical honey for the beginning of spring. Listen to and download this beauty for an evening bike ride or run in Cheesman.

CORRECTION: We’ve been informed by London Dungeon that Friday night’s dance party is a separate event from Spike and Mike, but that it will indeed follow the screenings of the animated films as part of the festival. This party is a first Friday monthly called #CLUBCOLD. And – Pictureplane is no longer part of the line up. Roger Sampson will be taking his place.

Denver’s Pictureplane has spent little time in our fair city, having a full dance card (pun intended) of gigs across the country and internationally.

Pictureplane posted a number of remixes of Thee Physical to Soundcloud (that are all available for download), which he explains as “conceptual work about how we, as humans, relate to our 3rd dimensional world by experiencing it physically through touch and our experience of being human inside of physical bodies in a post-physical digital age.”

Speaking of Thee Physical, the duo in Hollagramz was also picked to remix another track, “Touching Transform,” which bubbles with slices of futurism, dark grooves and simmering bass undertones. Pure magic.

On the second day of Spike & Mike, Saturday, April 7, the realm of 3D goes in a direction where we can actually appreciate it (no, there will not be any clips of “Titanic” featured…you’re welcome). Animation-meets-interactive-dance-party via the creative juices from DJ Soup and Bobby Sound TV, who plan to “whoa” the crowd with Rave-Atar 3D-edited music videos, complete with anaglyph 3D glasses.

If rum’s your drink of choice, you’ll be happy to hear about the bargain price of $4 Sailor Jerry spice rum drinks for this special Spike and Mike Sick & Twisted occasion. And to appeal to the really cheap, this event is free and open to the 21+ gals and guys.

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