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We Were Promised Jetpacks Tour – SXSW 2012 Review

 When I first saw We Were Promised Jetpacks perform it was SXSW 2010 at the Fader Fort party and in the light of day. It was a raucous set no doubt, but this night at SXSW, on stage of the Red 7 patio, the Scottish band’s energy was frenetic.

While lead singer Adam Thompson kept a steady stance, guitarist Michael Palmer and drummer Darren Lackie seemed to be in a competition of who could burn the most calories while performing, which undeniably sent the crowd into a screaming, sing-along state.

During the “quiet” part of “Act on Impulse,” the Jetpacks single from the 2011 release, In The Pit Of The Stomach, Lackie closed his eyes and put his finger to his mouth to actually “shush” the people down below. Moments later, he was back at it, moving his head and body to the speed that was driving the fret of his guitar. When the song finally ended, he was breathing heavier than an Olympic sprinter.

After the show, as the fans made their way to the exit doors, all were visibly pleased, as if they’d had a good go ‘round quickie sesh with a hot number in the bathroom. It was quite the send off on the last night of SXSW 2012 (March 17).

No, they didn’t play “Quiet Little Voices,” but I expect that song favorite will be part of the Jetpacks’ more extensive set as the band makes their way into Denver tonight to perform at the Hi-Dive as part of their U.S. tour.

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