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Denver Comic Con 2012


Behold, true believers! Denver is finally getting what is deserves…a Comic Con right here in Denver, Colorado. At the Colorado Convention Center from June 15th through the 17th, the Mile High City will host its first major assemblage solely dedicated to celebrating comic books, the worlds they encompass, and the creative folk that make them.  This is exciting news for local fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and all things sequential art. 

But what does this mean for our fair city?

Most likely, a lot of people wearing spandex and capes, (God willing!) but so much more than that.  Fan boys and girls alike will come face to face with the makers of their favorite multiverses.  The artists, authors, and actors who breathe life into our favorite characters will be on hand to answer questions, sign autographs, and be generally stalked at an inconspicuous distance.

There will be comic book creatives aplenty. J. Scott Campbell, creator of “Danger Girl” and renderer of incredible boobs in “Gen 13,” “Spiderman,” and “Wildsiderz,” will grace us with his presence. Mike Allred, whose clean but quirky style spawned cult comic “Madman,” will attend with his lovely and talented colorist of a wife, Laura Allred.  So will James O’Barr, the man who gave us “The Crow.” Of artistic ice bergs, this is just the tip, my friends.


Say you’re not much of a reader, but would love to see some actors from your favorite genre shows.  Like that bleach-blonde vampire from “Buffy”?  He’ll be there.  The voice of the cartoon bee from the Honey Nut commercials? Him, too.

Update: Although many were looking forward to Wil Wheaton‘s appearance (with the exception of Sheldon Cooper), he had to bow out due to a conflict of interest. Read the full statement.

If this isn’t enough to wet your geeky palate, there will be Jedi Training, Sci-fi speed dating, and a costume contest (See? People in spandex AND capes!).

Even if you can’t participate, these are awesome spectator sports. And don’t forget your wallets.  There will be lots of stuff begging to be bought, for the sake of completing your collections. The mind reels!

For tickets and more information, check out their official site at

We can be heroes, Denver, just for one three-day weekend!


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