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Carbon Choir – Playing with Epilogues, Snake Rattle Snake – Marquis

Not only can you go to a show every night in Denver, if you’re adventurous enough you and are good at timing, you can hit two or three. The line up for the Marquis show this Friday may make you want to narrow it down to one show, as Denver favorites Carbon Choir, Epilogues and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake will no doubt charm the pants (and panties) off the boy and girls in the crowd.

Carbon Choir, having released Sakhalin earlier this year (through the support of a Kickstarter campaign), continues to introduce songs from the album that are still somewhat new to the ears of indie music fans.

Hearing the remnants of a winter frost in the title track while feeling the aching and melodic piano in these heated spring temps brings out an almost optimistic feel, which will no doubt translate as such in a live setting.


The standout track, “My Head: The Island,” can connect to the feeling of being alone in a crowded room, sometimes by choice; taking that solo trip through your mind to reflect and look to the future…a perfect track for staring out the window of a plane as the sun begins drift down to end another day (love the brief Chris Urbanowicz-esque guitar insertion).

It’s great to hear the band’s plans to venture outside of our home state, and with the library of songs from both Sakhalin and the debut High Beams, Carbon Choir is more than ready to share their talent with the rest of the country and beyond.

Carbon Choir comes on after the opening act, Abandin Pictures, followed by Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and The Epilogues — Marquis Theatre – All Ages, tickets $9.33 in advance, $12 at the door, doors are at 8 pm.


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