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Snowball Music Festival 2014: Day 2 + 5 Things To Know Before You Go

We’re now into Day 2 of this year’s SnowBall music festival. If you have yet to go, here’s a few things to know and look out for.

If you’re looking for the name of the stage, don’t look at the actual stage ala Warped Tour. Look up to the poles and you’ll find your way.

The weather. It happens in Colorado a lot. Putting the ‘snow’ in SnowBall, we’re expected to get some of the white stuff later today, even though it’s fairly warm right now and the sun is out. You know how we roll. So…be prepared to get really cozy with your fellow festival goers as the tented areas become extremely popular, not only since there will be people making music on them, but they will provide for badly needed shelter.

There is an area located by the Heat Hut stage, seems to sponsored by Mike’s Hard Lemonade, that has heat lamps. And hammocks. And chairs. This may in fact become one of the most popular spots at the festival.

Guessing that if it does in fact snow, last night’s fire dancers may not perform. You may need to wait until Sunday when things clear up a bit to see them do their thing.

 In addition to a number of local food trucks, there is one that sells organic coffee and hot chocolate. I had one of their mochas last night. Yum.


And now…our music picks.




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