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Music Hack Day Denver 2013 – UMS and Beatport Brings Music and Tech Together

The marriage of technology and music began many years ago, most vividly in it’s format; the advent of digital music downloads, the promotion of bands online, even the conversion of vinyl to DJ platforms such as Serato and Numark. Now, Music Hack Day comes to Denver during the Underground Music Showcase, sponsored by the king of digital music in the worldwide DJ community, Denver-based Beatport, it takes place at the community workspace Galvanize, July 20 and 21.

Showcasing Denver/Boulder’s tech and startup community, this international event bring programmers and designers together with artists and music makers to toy with the future of music, bringing concepts into reality and computers beyond their music-making capabilities of today. 

For hackers with a love for music and creativity, it offers not only a way to flaunt their skills but also to bond with other geeks and learn in the process. 

As seen at the Music Hack Day London in 2011, prior to Spotify landing here in the states, hackers played with it’s API, “swapped Spotify app tips and frustrations with a guy sitting alongside me, and quizzed the Spotify team over IRC as we hacked. The atmosphere was one of playfulness and discovery; while we were all competing, perhaps indirectly, there was certainly a desire just to see what people were up to, and an aura of energy as people felt inspired and impressed by what others were doing,” reported Matt Andrews from The Guardian.

Wired was there to cover the San Francisco Music Hack Day 2012 where “Alexandre Passant’s SeatTrip combines SeatWave with Tripit, allowing you to send your plane ticket by email and get back a list of concerts in the area that you’re traveling to for you to make musical plans with.” I want that.

So what will Denver/Boulder’s tech crew create for the future of music? Are you in? 

You you must Register Music Hack Day Denver 2013 to attend and participate But it’s FREE.

And that’s not all! You’ll also get*:

– The chance to have your skills on display for some of the biggest names in music tech (hint: bring your business card)

– Free food & drink all weekend from Biker Jim’s, Gather, Breckenridge Brewery & more

– Free Admission to Friday’s festivities at the Underground Music Showcase (

– Entry into raffles to win some great prizes from Beatport!


*Batteries and Ginsu knives not included.


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