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Caravan Palace North American Tour

Caravan Palace’s music unto itself is celebratory, full of quip rhythms and electronic modern ragtime twists. But is the Paris troupe’s live shows that have been known to throw fans into a dancing frenzy, bringing Baz Luhrmann-esque visual delights together with their “Clash” blips and bops, and swing-swayin’ “Beataphone” delights.

Currently on a tour around North America, Caravan Palace is definitely taking our cities by storm, bringing a unique sound via an invitation to dance with strangers, complete with costume changes and a party that takes place on stage as much as festive as the one in the crowd.

Starting out in 2005 as hired hands to create soundtracks for silent pornographic flicks, the three original members went on to form Caravan Palace, now a six-piece with Zoé Colotis (vocals and clarinet), Hugues Payen (violin, vocals), Arnaud Vial (guitar), Charles Delaporte (double bass), Camille Chapelière (clarinet), and Antoine Toustou (trombone).

The group plays tonight in Denver at the Bluebird, sticking around Colorado for the weekend to perform at the Wanderlust Festival in Copper Mountain.

Not that you needed a reason to break out your top hat, but if there ever was a time to pull it off the shelf, tonight would be the one.



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