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Mike Donovan – North American WOT Fall Tour

The leaves have turned from green to gold and amber, drifting to the ground and making for a blanket of crunching rhythms below our feet. Thus is the feeling and mood of Mike Donovan‘s WOT, a set of songs crafted for the crisp feelings of change and connection to nature’s seasoned light.

Recorded in the vintage echo chamber fashion, Donovan plucks many a pretty and optimistic melody, from the jingle jangle of “Lost Wot,” to the trumpeting “Sexual Reassignment Surgery Blues” and urgency of “MP3 Farm,” laden with a bit of tongue and cheek story telling and guitar plucking. Grab yourself two fingers of whiskey and settle into “George Guitar Bit” within a comfy chair on the porch and take in the day, a complement to the escapism feeling of “Baroque Ass,” with some shiny handy work on the fret and harmonica.


If Mike Donovan’s name sounds familiar, well, it should, given the dude’s been in like, a bazillion bands. Valley Girl vernacular aside, Donovan has San Francisco’s Sic Alps on his CV, along with Big Techno Werewolves, The Church Steps, Yikes, and the head honcho at Folding Cassettes. 

Remaining Tour Dates:

November 2 – Walnut Room, Denver
November 3 – Salt Lake City
November 5 – Reno


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