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Interview with Harry Koisser from PEACE on Their U.S. tour

After chatting with Harry Koisser, lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for Birmingham’s PEACE, I realized that the band wasn’t on a stretch for this current U.S. tour. He, along with Samuel Koisser on bass, Douglas Castle on guitar, and Dominic Boyce on drums had been going solid since I’d seen them on the last day of SXSW 2013, playing a blow-out set at the British Music Embassy showcase.

“We’ve come straight from another tour…and that was straight from another tour… It just keeps on going. We’ve been on tour since the last time we were in the U.S.,” Harry explained. For some, this sounds fantastic and completely exhausting all at the same time. For Harry and his brothers, one biological, this is their natural state of being.

“You know when everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you get mental exhaustion, and you get really homesick, and you get really depressed,’ or whatever. I just kind of imagine that that’s a lie, and that it’s not true, and then it tends to not happen. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve got quite a simple…brain,” he says, laughing. “And I can quite easily fool myself. I just think, ‘No, this is having zero effect on my mental health, and it doesn’t.

In addition to his skill of mind over grey matter to keep himself sane going from city to city and country to country, he states that the four of them are really good friends, which makes a world of difference when you spend all of your time together for months on end.

That chemistry was clear at that SXSW show in March, as PEACE pulled out all the stops for this last show of the festival, pouring out a world of energy with each track from their 2013 release, In Love, that was about to hit U.K. shelves that month, garnering a 9/10 by NME.

An album overflowing with hooks and opportunities for spontaneous dance-a-thons, as heard on the chunky beat-astic “1998 (Delicious),” and the Calypso shaka-shaka of “Bloodshake,” sultry sides shine on “California Daze” and “Float Forever.”

And if you’re looking to for a track to accompany you whilst you traverse down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway for the non-Cali peeps out there) in convertible, scarf a flying, just put “Follow Baby” on repeat, and you’re set.

In Love has finally made it to these shores, with the addition of live versions of “1998 (Delicious),” “Follow Baby” and “Wraith” recording at the Reading Festival.

It look longer than Harry would have liked, considering they were touring the states with an album that Americans couldn’t actually buy, “It puts us in a weird place straight away, doesn’t it?” But it’s here now and so are they, so again, thinking positive and pushing on. “It’s not worth really lingering on, is it? Try thinking of something that’s a little bit nicer. Or, and and make a new friend or something.”

With all this time on the road, the guys in PEACE have made many a friend “far and wide, all over the place. I’ve re-met people I knew years ago. It’s brilliant.”

PEACE continue on the road in here in the U.S. with a show tonight at the Ogden in Denver, along with Two Door Cinema Club and St. Lucia, stay on in the states through the end of October, and if I have my information correct, actually have a whole month before they start a U.K. tour in December.

U.S. Tour Dates:

Oct 21 Ogden Theater Denver, CO
Oct 23/24 MacEwan Ballroom Calgary. AB
Oct 25 Orpheum Vancouver, BC
Oct 26 Neptune Theater Seattle, WA
Oct 29 Fox Theater Oakland, CA
Oct 30 El Ray Los Angeles, CA
Oct 31 Humphrey’s San Diego, CA
Nov 1 The Grover Anaheim, CA


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