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Fat White Family Goes a Second Round with America

The men in Fat White Family give a performance, not a show; an anguished punk rock opera injected with joy while ejecting various types of bodily fluids, taking you through a frightening high that won’t let go. From the first beads of sweat that drip from Lias Saoudi’s brow, know that this is going to be a bumpy ride, and oh, what a good ride it will be.

Having seen them earlier in the year at SXSW at the British Music Embassy, I can’t recommend them enough. In these days of wimpy “feely” folk all around us, Fat White Family is like a breath of fresh air. Well, maybe less than fresh, maybe more like a ball sweat aroma, but gritty and memorable all the same, restoring your faith that rock and roll will never die as long as bands like this continue to emerge from the cracks in city cement.

What makes them more rock and roll than just the fact that they make and perform great rock and roll is they stir controversy. You don’t leave a show with an, “Oh that was fun. Okay, gotta get up early for work in the morning. See ya Chad and Kailey!” It’s more like, “Holy shit, what the hell was that? I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I need another drink.” Or better yet, it will start arguments between some who loved it and others who really didn’t. I witnessed that back at their SXSW show, and even within the packed-out Haunt at The Great Escape Festival.

I’m of the loved-it party and can only say to those living in cities on their current U.S. tour and to all my Denver peeps back home, you HAVE GOT to see these South London gang of rock and roll hooligans. Lost Lake may need to be hosed down afterwards, but these days the reformed dive bar turned venue could use some dirtying up.

Fat White Family Tour Dates

10/28 Denver, CO @ Lost Lake Lounge
10/29 Salt Lake City. UT @ Kilby Court
10/31 Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar
11/1 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
11/3 San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
11/4 Los Angeles, LA @ The Echo
11/7 Austin. TX @ Fun Fun Fun Festival


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