I was the lone female front and center, a crowded center, for Fat White Family at the British Music Embassy, as numerous photographers and “fuck yeah man, I’m here to thrash to some punk rock!” kinda bros were all shoved in. My friend Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio host) didn’t say much of what to expect, only that I would have my face blown off. Holy fuck, was she right.

The other five members (Nathan Saudi, Adam Harmer, Dan Lyons and Joe Pancucci, and Saul Adamczewski) amassed in musical power on the small stage as singer Lias Saoudi stood still, shirtless, wearing what seemed to be black yoga pants, dripping in what could have been anything from baby oil to KY lubricant, no doubt the fire and ice kind. He had the stare-right-through-you glare, then tore into songs from the band’s debut, Champagne Holocaust. His White Family brothers followed suit, charging ahead with a musical assault, finely tuned to perfection in slithering rockabilly of the devilish kind.

The pants disappeared, and as Saoudi closed in on the faces fixated in front of him, hand firmly planted in his crotch whilst pulling at his black Y’s he sneered the song “Touch The Leather.” It was then that I noticed all the gung-ho punk rock fan boys had backed off, not secure with their own masculinity, giving me plenty of room to capture this beautiful, hellacious spectacle of power riffs, drum blasts, searing bass lines and keyboards.

I haven’t smoked in twelve years, but I can’t deny that a craving for a post-coital smoke creeped through my veins just a bit.

This was Fat White Family’s first outing to the states, and with this SXSW onslaught, they have left each spectator with metaphorical hickies in all the right and wrong places. I expect them to jump the pond again soon to continue their splash on America.