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Abjects – SXSW Music 2016 Band

The three members of London-based AbjectsNoemi (guitar/vox), Yuki (bass/vox) and Alice (drums/vox) – have been at this rock and roll punk game since 2013. The trio jumpstarted their career with some feet first moves into the UK tour circuit with the likes of The Fresh & Onlys, The Coathangers, The Fat White Family, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and PINS, the latter of which released the Abjects ‘Fast Love’ EP on the Haus of Pins label that year.

Noemi, Yuki and Alice have been busy ever since, taking their rough and tumble, switchblade surf sound over to Japan to perform with Guitar Wolf and Firestarter, and to appear on Fuji TV. Last year Abjects moved on to their second EP ‘Gone’ and an extensive European tour followed, with gigs from France and Spain to Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

The band’s sights are now set on the U.S. and Mexico in 2016, specifically performing at SXSW in Austin next month (Side note: PINS and Fat White Family are also heading to SXSW.)

Due to the nature of international travel expenses, Abjects have a “SXSW Calling: Bring in the Dollar$!” Kickstarter campaign to help get them over here.

While being a bit short on finances, they’re wealthy in the areas of creativity and comedy, featuring a claymation produced campaign video featuring a non-paying, “I’m on the guest list” Barbie who gets the shit kicked out of her for not supporting the band, although the legal disclaimer reads, “No posh Bitches have been harmed in the making of this video.” Love it.



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