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Crash (Paul Haggis)


Crash (Paul Haggis)

It is such a rare event to see an excellent film, especially an excellent film on social commentary. This category is made up by just a handful of movies because the excellence is typically lost in over dramatization or flat out bias. Some of the only movies that meet the prestigious criteria are films such as American History X, Philadelphia, and Boyz N the Hood. Those who are added become testaments to American idealism and our pain staking progression as a society. In theatres on the weekend of May 6, 2005, Crash joined the other aforementioned films.

Crash, written and directed by Paul Haggis, is a movie surrounding the racial tensions within Los Angeles, California set in present day. However, its commentary adapts to America as a whole, creating a microcosm of society. The characters in the movie are from a swirl of different ethnic groups and racial conflict, while violence appraisal is subsequently told in an objective fashion, presenting every side affected. The movie is episodic, and is broken up by characters that are all connected in some way as their lives collide, like a crash.

Two of those characters are Detective Graham played by Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Oceans Twelve) and Jean played by Sandra Bullock (Speed, Miss Congeniality). Their collision of sorts starts in the most unpredictable way and ends with monumental consequences. In the end Detective Graham is faced with a difficult decision when dealing with Jean’s husband, played by Brendan Fraser (Blast from the Past), who is coincidentally the District Attorney of Los Angles. Throughout the entire film similar “collisions” make up the plot and what is left is a remarkable movie.

With little advertisement and low ticket sales, Crash, is clearly not receiving the attention it deserves. The movie, which should have been released in all theatres, was instead only shown in smaller ones leaving many with an expedition. Nevertheless, the expedition to the artsy theatre will be well worth your extra gas.


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